Front-end development and Ui Design.

Hi, I am a highly motivated front-end developer and Ui designer crafting rich User Experiences with minimal and aesthetically pleasing interfaces located in Milan, Italy. I have experience in developing websites and web applications based on web standard technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I am passionate about web development with a special affinity for client-side technologies.

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Write better React, compose multiple functional HoCs, Higher-Order Components

I would like to extend the topic of chaining functions providing you some scenarios where I found function composition can become really handy in the everyday life of a front-end developer using React applying multiple Higher Order Components in more functional way…

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Write better JavaScript, function composition with pipe and compose

When I started my journey into functional programming I found myself thinking of it as both exciting and confusing. One of the core concepts I found useful in my everyday work is function composition, thanks to its intuitive nature it's not hard to introduce it even in a well-established codebase.

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JavaScript merge arrays without duplicates

A few days ago I wrote a code that involved merging two large arrays without duplicates. My first reaction was to write a reduce function that initiated the accumulator, looped every element and checked whether it was already in the array

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Why you should use generic types in TypeScript, a simple example

TypeScript has a steep learning curve, at least for me, for a front-end developer used to write without types sometimes I struggled to change my way of thinking to my code.

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Typing React Context to avoid an undefined default value

React Context API is really useful when it comes to sharing data between disconnected components without prop drilling, here is a way of correctly type the Context API to avoid a default value or a non-null TypeScript assertion.

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A fast React boilerplate and toolkit focusing on cutting edge technologies and tools.

The scope of this boilerplate is having the latest standards technologies, together with the right toolkit for both development, production with performance and analysis in mind.

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