Note: Due to lack of time after the mvp relase this project is going to be rebuild with one of the following tool stack:

  • Graphql, Apollo, NestJS, React, Postgres, Styled components, Cognito, Cypress.
  • NestJS Rest Api, Postgres, React, Styled components, Cognito, Cypress.

Budgety is a MERN stack based web and native application. Cross-platform, everyday, cash flow and expense tracker.

Nowadays using an expense tracker is a must, living in a big city can easily lead you to lose your financial control. I have come across many budgeting applications, most of them were overcomplicated for everyday purposes or didn't give me the right look and feel. For this reason, I decided to start developing an experimental, fast and intuitive app for everyday expenses with a synced database to easily manage data between multiple devices.


Front-end Development

Ui / Ux Design
REST API / Backend Dev
Front-end development
MVP Release


React Native

Budgety is made with Mongo, Nginx, React, Node. The app is powered by microservices and deployed on Digitalocean.

The application frontend, developed with React for the web application and React Native for the mobile application, uses a single source of truth thanks to the help of Redux. Axios takes care of the communication to the Express's controller through REST Api's.Authentication is made easy with Passport strategies and JWT tokens. As soon as the user lands on the login page is prompted with a login/signup form, and then is invited to start a new balance account. The idea is to drive the user in a simple decision flow without the need for any tutorial. The web application is studied to let people manage their accounts and expenses in a global manner, on the other hand, the native application prefers a more straightforward use, allowing the immediate insertion of expenses. All components, from buttons to forms are tailored to the application from scratch. Future steps involve A/B testing and refactoring. The application's minimum viable product will be available soon for beta testing.



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